15 Tips And Tricks To Find The Best Roofing Contractor

Finding the right roofing contractor is one of the biggest challenges that every homeowner is bound to face.

There are two very common errors that people tend to make when searching for a good roofer: they’re either much too hasty, or they’re looking to find the absolute cheapest provider available. Although the price is not the surest measure of overall service quality, price can indeed be indicative of quality. Companies that have good reputations and large customer bases often raise their prices due to high demand for their work. Nonetheless, this isn’t a hiring decision that should be hastily made.

To simplify your life and this entire process, we’ve created a list of 15 tricks and tips for finding the absolute best roofer for your project.

Let’s get started right away!

1. Always look for a roofing contractor in your area

Finding a local roofer is one of the most essential, precautionary measures to take. Check to ensure that the roofing contractor services for your area. Try to get as many referrals as you possibly can. You never know; this may be someone who’s done work for one of your neighbors in the past. You also have the option of checking out homes in-person and of asking a company’s past clients whether or not they’re happy with the results they’ve received. This will help you verify whether or not the roofer is trustworthy.

2. Screen a few different roofing companies in your area

As with every big decision that you’re going to make in life, this one shouldn’t be rushed. Get in touch with a few different companies before attempting to identify and hire the best one. Find out more about prices and see whether or not any of these entities are willing to make an in-person visit to inspect the condition of your roof. Don’t hurry through this process! A roof is a major investment, and thus, you want to hire the top roofing contractor for this work.

3. Verify business registration

It is important to make sure that a roofing contractor or company is legitimate. There are several roofing services that lack a real, registered business and that opt to work as freelancers instead. While this might not be a deal-breaker for you, it speaks volumes about the skill set of roofers, and it can be seen as suspicious. Check to ensure that your chosen contractor has a valid tax ID number, physical address, phone number, functional website, and accessible email.

4. Verify the license of a prospective roofing contractor

Before working with a new roofer, ask for his or her license. Check to ensure that this professional has received the proper work safety training, training for fall protection, and training for working at great heights. We highly recommend using these essential tips when hiring your next roofer.

5. Make sure that the roofing contractor has an excellent BBB score

The BBB or Better Business Bureau is a regulatory authority that keeps literal scores of all roofing companies and contractors throughout Mexico, Canada, and the United States. When you visit their website, you will be able to check the ratings for multiple candidates and learn more about their satisfaction rates and overall BBB scores. This is an excellent way to filter results and to make an informed hiring decision. Conversely, if you find a roofing contractor that isn’t registered with the Better Business Bureau, this is never a good sign. It is generally best to pass over these companies or freelancers entirely. You should note that all GAF Master Elite businesses are additionally featured on the BBB site. As such, if one of your choices has this distinguished title, this could be a sure win.

6. Check for adequate insurance and other protections

Remember that a legitimate roofing business is always going to have coverage for all employees and subcontractors. If required, these entities should be able to provide you with a valid insurance certificate or another form of insurance verification. Although not all states require roofing contractors to have these policies in place, it is never a good idea to work with a roofer that lacks coverage altogether. If an injury is ever sustained on your property, you will have the responsibility of covering the roofing contractor’s medical bills and other damages. An additional thing to know is that even if a roofer has current insurance, this could run out throughout your project, so check to ensure that the lifetime of the policy spans through the completion of the contracted work. In certain instances, you may even be able to check the insurance status of a roofing contractor online. Rules about coverage tend to be even stricter for all GAF Master Elite businesses given that they must pay for a higher level of insurance than roofing companies that lack this special designation.

7. Find out how knowledgeable a roofing contractor truly is

Learn more about roofs, the installation process, and common roofing materials before making a hiring decision. Ask several questions of your top candidates to check their knowledge. A good roofer will be able to answer even the most advanced of these questions.

8. See what training a roofing contractor has performed

While there are several forms of training that a roofer can complete, the one offered by CARE or the Center for the Advancement of Roofing Excellence is by far the most important. This is completed throughout the nation by thousands of roofing professionals. It teaches safety basics, and it’s best to hire a roofer who’s completed this instruction.

9. Is the roofer able to work with specific material types?

Roof construction can involve many different types of materials. Moreover, the install process can be different for each material type. Find out whether a roofer has been approved or certified by a manufacturer to work with the specific material type you want. This qualification ensures that the provider will know all of the most important details.

10. Find out how the work will be supervised

The number of people in these jobs can vary from one project to the next. It is therefore important to have good supervisions. Team members should not be left unsupervised. See how different contractors handle supervision.

11. The length of the job

When companies have lots of roofing experience, they should be able to give you a fairly accurate time frame or schedule for your project. When projects last far longer than originally anticipated, this is a bad sign. Your time is important, and thus, you want a roofer who will get the work done in a timely fashion. It shouldn’t be rushed or unnecessarily extended. Although delays are problematic, rushing through this work can lead to several unnecessary complications.

12. Get a solid guarantee

A roof should last a very long time. If installed correctly, many will last for two decades or more. But what if damages occur just three to four years after the installation? You will need to have a warranty to keep you protected. Make sure that the warranty provided by your chosen contractor is a solid one. Read through all of the warranty exceptions to ensure that you’ll have access to the financial coverage you need if early issues ever arise.

13. Be sure to pay your deductible

As per law, insured parties must pay their tax deductibles. If a roofer tries to convince you that this isn’t necessary, this is called insurance fraud. This charge must be included in the costs and without exclusions.

14. Think about insurance claim

If a roofer offers to take care of your insurance claim, this is fraudulent activity, and it is legally punishable. In many states, contractors are legally unable to take care of these claims, so avoid all those who say anything to the contrary.

15. Establish a proper work contract

Once you have chosen the roofer that you want to work with, you will need to create your contract. This should include all of the pertinent details like:

  • the duration of your project
  • the expected start and end dates for this job
  • terms of payment
  • specifications for the selected materials
  • safety precautions and procedures
  • job control, etc.

A contract is intended to protect both you and your roofer. If a roofing contractor does not wish to sign this agreement, it is not a good sign, and it may be that any verbal agreement made before may not be upheld.

To Conclude

There are many key things to review as you shop for a roofer.

Sadly, there is an abundant amount of fraud, and thus, homeowners must be diligent. Check for essential documentation and trackable work history. Do everything by the book and steer clear of anything suspicious.

At the end of the day, it’s you who has to live beneath your new roof!


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